Seven of Cups as Reconciliation Tarot Card Meaning Sibyl Tarot

The Seven of Cups is the card of choices, fantasies, illusions, indecisiveness, and wishful thinking. In this card, a man stands in front of seven cups filled with various prizes, trying to decide what he wants. He has analysis paralysis. Some cups have good gifts, such as riches and castles. Other cups hold bad outcomes, with dragons and ghosts and snakes. Some gifts may not exist at all.

The Seven of Cups reminds us that choices need to be made in life. Obsessing over multiple options can be a detriment, because we will never be able to choose all of them. We can’t have our cake and eat it too. Sometimes, it’s just best to pick one and make the best out of it. This is true in love as well. When we are paralyzed by choice, we are unable to connect. 

Upright Seven of Cups as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how your ex feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Seven of Cups, it means your ex feels indecisive about reconciliation. They feel overwhelmed by the life choices presented to them. Should they reconcile with you, take a break from dating, find somebody new, or focus on their career? There’s a lot on their mind. They are in their head a lot. They have so many options that it is causing analysis paralysis. They are overthinking and overanalyzing everything. 

Seven of Cups as reconciliation is a sign of lacking direction on where a relationship is heading. You have different values. These differences cause chaos in your relationship. Different habits and goals leave you both feeling “all over the place.” These irreconcilable differences cause you to lack focus on healing the relationship. Reconciliations require hard work, and you need to resolve these known issues. External factors such as family, career, and social circles could also be a disrupting factor.

When your ex thinks about reconciliation with you, they feel uncertain, undecided, and stuck. Your ex might be enjoying the single life. They like having options. Your person could be thinking about traveling, changing lifestyles, or relocating. They are bursting with ideas, but don’t know where to channel their energy. A long-term commitment is just one of many options they can choose from. They want to take their time making the right decision. They also need to heal from a previous bad experience.

If you’ve recently split up, Seven of Cups means that your ex is feeling disoriented and confused. The breakup has your ex’s mind racing. Your ex is overanalyzing what happened. But, they can’t process it in a constructive way. With them, everything is a mixed bag of emotions. Sometimes, they feel sad. Other times, they reminisce on the good times. And other times still, they feel resentful. They try to distract themselves, but escapism doesn’t solve anything. They are not ready to reconcile right now. 

If you’ve been in separation for a while, Seven of Cups means that you are just one of many things that cross your ex’s mind. Your ex occasionally thinks of you. However, they have a lot on their plate, and reconciliation is not a priority for them right now. Drawing the Seven of Cups may also indicate enjoying being single with all the options the single life has to offer. They are not focused on long-term commitments at the moment.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, Seven of Cups means your person is weighing the pros and cons of reconciling. They are in their head, undecided from analysis paralysis. They are feeling uncertain about the future of this relationship. This person may also have second thoughts about your compatibility level. They are looking at every aspect of this relationship: personality, boundaries, values, goals, intimacy. They already have a “Plan B” if your relationship fails.

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Reversed Seven of Cups as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how your ex feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Seven of Cups reversed, it means your ex is unsure. Their judgment could be muddied by multiple external forces. They feel they’ve missed an opportunity with you. But, they’re also concerned about wasting more time by reconciling. They feel chaotic internally. They have conflicting thoughts about what they should do. They are sending you mixed messages. 

Seven of Cups reversed as reconciliation is a sign of feeling undecided if reuniting is the path they want to take. Your person wonders if the grass is greener on the other side. At the same time, they fear missing out on your relationship’s potential. They’re having a lot of “what if?” thoughts. They lack the ability to “be present” in any relationship they’re in. Your ex might be going through overwhelming life changes right now. They are consumed by day-to-day concerns. They are not in the headspace to prioritize reconciliation.

When your ex thinks about reconciliation with you, they feel conflicted. There is a disconnect between their heart and mind. They are going through a lot right now. Reconciliation is not a main priority in their life. They might believe it’s too late to save what you had together. They’re intimidated and overwhelmed by the issues you’d have to resolve. They think too many things went wrong in your relationship, and they wonder if it would be pointless to salvage. They see it as a hopeless situation.

If you’ve recently split up, Seven of Cups reversed means your person feels lost and disoriented without you. They feel like they have lost their direction. They wonder about the long-term plans you shared. They don’t know how to handle their situation. One day, they want to run straight back to you. The next day, they feel resentful, and they rush into a rebound relationship. They could indulge in some form of escapism. They need time to ground themselves and face reality.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, Seven of Cups reversed means your person is stuck in the past. They can’t decide if they should contact you. Their attempts to move on have not worked out. Your person may have gone in and out of multiple relationships. They compare other people with you. They are indecisive and unable to commit to anyone, including you. They need to realize that nobody is perfect. Sooner or later, they’ll have to accept someone for who they are.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, Seven of Cups reversed means both of you are weighing the pros and cons of staying. Neither of you can decide. Maybe one of you sees one thing as a pro while the other sees it as a con, and vice versa. You’re never on the same page on anything. This makes it hard for the two of you to make decisions together as a unit. Both of you are reluctant to agree to the other party’s idea of how your relationship should be. 

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For relationships and reconciliation, the Seven of Cups represents choices that need to be made. It’s important to spend time making the right decision for ourselves. It’s good not to rush. But at the same time, always hoping that there is a better option out there is unhealthy and will make us unhappy. Finding a good in between is critical to having a healthy relationship. 

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