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The Star is the card of hope, optimism, faith, renewal, and spirituality. The Star depicts a naked woman kneeling over a pool of water, surrounded by the light of many stars rising in the sky. Her nakedness represents spiritual purity and faith. She has no fear, because the light of the stars guides her way. She is full of positivity. 

The Star reminds us of the positivity that relationships bring into our lives. Within our relationships with each other, we can find hope, optimism, and spiritual renewal. It is this energy that guides us forward in the journey of life. This is the energy that we want to cultivate in our lives and our relationships. 

Upright Star as Feelings

If you are asking about how someone feels about you, and you draw the Star, it means that this person feels full of hope, optimism, and joy about you. Your relationship holds special meaning and significance to them. In you, their hopes and desires feel renewed once again. If you’ve been together for some time, they recognize the growth that you’ve experienced together. They view you as a partner who completes them spiritually. 

The Star is also a sign of feeling healed after a period of turmoil. If your relationship has gone through a rough patch recently, this is a sign of reconciliation and healing. Though times were tough, they feel that they have learned from their mistakes. They feel renewed, almost like a new person. If you lean into this energy and meet them with openness and honesty, there is great potential here. 

For singles and those embarking on new relationships, the Star means that this person feels very hopeful about your relationship. They feel that there is a lot of potential here, and they are excited about you. If they have been healing from a breakup, this is a sign that they are well on their way to moving on. They have put in the work, and it shows. This is a great sign if you are looking to enter a relationship. 

For existing relationships, the Star indicates that this person feels hopeful, optimistic, and purposeful about you and your relationship. They feel truly blessed to be with you. You’ve gone through tough times together, and they recognize that. They see how much you’ve grown together, and they feel truly grateful to have that experience. This is a wonderful card to receive, and it may be a sign that your relationship is progressing to the next level. 

If you are asking about an old flame or an ex’s feelings about you, the Star indicates that your ex feels hopeful and optimistic about rekindling a relationship with you. If this is something that you want as well, this is a sign that reconciliation is possible. As long as the two of you communicate with each other openly and honestly, there is great potential here for becoming closer and healing past wounds. 

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, the Star as feelings signifies a “yes!” Your partner feels hopeful and optimistic about where things are headed. They feel that your relationship is purposeful, and they are ready to take this next step of commitment. If you’ve been through a rough patch in the past, they have forgiven you. You’ve worked together to heal, and you can look forward to a greater future. 

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Reversed Star as Feelings

When the Star is reversed, it means that this person feels a lot of doubt about you and your relationship. For whatever reason, they feel disconnected and cynical. If you have been having the same fight over and over again, they may feel like they don’t know how to break out of the cycle. Alternatively, their lack of faith can also have to do with their own self esteem. If they have been single for a while, they may function under the belief that love only leads to pain and loss. 

The Star reversed is also a sign of feeling unworthy. They may lack confidence in their own worthiness to be accepted and loved. Just as it is possible that they do not trust you, it is equally possible that they do not trust themselves with regard to their feelings and emotions. Depending on the situation, there may be only so much that you can do. Ultimately, they are responsible for their own beliefs.  

For singles and those in new relationships, the Star reversed is a sign of feeling doubtful about your relationship. For whatever reason, they lack faith and confidence in where this is headed. Where is this coming from? It could be that they do not feel that you are fully compatible. It could also have nothing to do with you, and stem from their own personal issues. If you want to make this work, have an open and honest conversation with them. If it still doesn’t work out, take heart in the fact that it’s better to know sooner rather than later. 

For those in committed relationships, the Star reversed is a sign of feeling mired in doubt. This person has lost confidence in your relationship. Perhaps you have had too many fights lately, and they see a vicious cycle that they do not know how to break out of. Perhaps they have self esteem issues and feel unworthy of your love. Whatever the case, now is the time to talk to them frankly about what the two of you need to move forward. 

If you are asking about an ex’s feelings about you, the Star reversed means that they feel disconnected from you. They have lost faith in your relationship, and they feel overwhelmed by the aftermath. They are not in a position right now to entertain reconciliation. They must first find their own way. They need to rebuild their self-esteem and trust in themselves before they can think about loving someone else. 

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, the Star reversed is not a positive sign. This person feels doubtful of their own ability to commit further to the relationship. This lack of confidence may have nothing to do with you. If it is coming from their own lack of self esteem, this person’s lack of faith is something that they have to confront on their own. 

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For relationships and feelings, the Star reveals our hopes and dreams. The Star is a guiding light, showing us the positive path. Relationships can bring so much into our lives. If we look hard within ourselves and each other, we find beauty, positivity, hope, and renewal. If we lean into this, our journey of life is made stronger, brighter, and more beautiful.

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