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Strength is the card of strength, compassion, influence, persuasion, and determination. A woman is gently stroking a lion—she has completely tamed this wild beast. Strength shows what is possible when resilience and kindness is applied to a situation. Sometimes, it is not brute force, but inner strength that makes the most impact on a person or a relationship. 

Strength is not a traditional “love” card, and many readers get confused when it shows up in a love reading. Does it literally mean that someone feels strongly about you? There are many other cards that speak to romantic passion, so we have to ask ourselves, what is Strength trying to say in particular? As you’ll see, I interpret Strength as speaking to the dynamics between people. In love readings, Strength asks us to consider the balance of power and care in a relationship. 

Upright Strength as a Person

If Strength appears in a Tarot spread as a person, that means that this person is composed, courageous, and possesses inner strength, often demonstrating patience and empathy. They have a serene confidence about them, which radiates a sense of peace and steadiness to those around them. This individual’s strength is not just physical; it is deeply rooted in their emotional and spiritual resilience.

For physical characteristics, Strength as a person represents someone who is poised and graceful, often exuding an aura of calm strength and resilience. Their movements are deliberate and assured, reflecting a deep sense of self-awareness and control. This person’s physicality is not about brute force; it is about the elegant balance of power and gentleness.

For emotional characteristics, Strength as a person represents someone who is compassionate and understanding, often showing great emotional fortitude and patience. They approach life’s challenges with a calm demeanor, often serving as a pillar of support for others. This individual’s empathy and emotional insight allow them to connect with people on a deep level, offering strength and guidance.

Astrologically, Strength as a person represents someone who might have significant Leo influences, embodying confidence, warmth, and a strong sense of self. Their astrological chart likely highlights the regal and magnanimous qualities of Leo, bringing forth an air of dignity and pride. These Leo traits enable them to lead with their heart, exuding a warm and generous spirit.

For careers, Strength can represent someone who works as a healer, counselor, or in any role that requires emotional strength and the ability to support others. They thrive in professions where they can use their emotional intelligence and resilience to help others overcome challenges. The compassionate nature of Strength makes them well-suited for roles that demand empathy and a nurturing spirit.

Strength as a person represents someone who makes you feel safe and supported, offering a sense of stability and reassurance through their compassionate presence. Their influence in your life is comforting and empowering, reminding you of your own inner strength and ability to persevere through difficulties. This person’s supportive nature is a source of courage and inspiration.

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Reversed Strength as a Person

If Strength reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a person, that means that this person is experiencing a lack of self-confidence, inner strength, or is overwhelmed by their emotions. This reversal suggests a period of vulnerability or self-doubt, where the qualities of strength and resilience are being tested. The reversed Strength may indicate a need to reconnect with one’s inner power and confidence.

For physical characteristics, Strength reversed as a person represents someone who may appear withdrawn or lacking in energy, possibly showing signs of emotional strain. Their physical demeanor might reflect their inner turmoil, perhaps appearing less confident or more hesitant in their actions. This individual may struggle to maintain the balance of strength and gentleness, manifesting in a less assured physical presence.

For emotional characteristics, Strength reversed as a person represents someone who is feeling insecure, fearful, or unable to cope with their emotional challenges. They may find it difficult to access their usual resilience, leading to feelings of vulnerability or uncertainty. This person might be grappling with self-doubt or an inability to manage their emotions effectively.

Astrologically, Strength reversed as a person represents someone who is struggling with the negative aspects of Leo, such as pride or lack of self-esteem. Their astrological influences may exacerbate issues related to self-image and confidence, causing them to either overcompensate with arrogance or withdraw due to insecurities. The challenge for this individual lies in finding a balance in their Leo traits, embracing humility without losing their sense of self-worth.

For careers, Strength reversed can represent someone who works in an environment where they feel undervalued, unable to assert themselves, or overwhelmed by emotional demands. They may struggle to find their footing in their professional life, possibly feeling overshadowed or incapable of meeting the challenges they face. This period may require a reevaluation of their professional path and a rediscovery of their inner capabilities.

Strength reversed as a person represents someone who makes you feel the need for self-care and emotional healing, encouraging you to find your inner strength and resilience. Their presence in your life might highlight areas where you need to develop greater emotional fortitude and self-belief. Encountering the reversed Strength serves as a reminder of the importance of nurturing one’s inner power and facing emotional challenges with courage and self-compassion.

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For love readings, Strength reveals the foundational state of a bond. It shines light into how secure a person is feeling. It also shows us what we need to do to bring that energy of strength and security into our lives–by leaning into our inner fortitude, kindness, and empathy. If you allow it, Strength’s energy will make your relationships stronger and more durable. Shine in your own confidence. 

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