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Strength is the card of strength, compassion, influence, persuasion, and determination. A woman is gently stroking a lion—she has completely tamed this wild beast. Strength shows what is possible when resilience and kindness is applied to a situation. Sometimes, it is not brute force, but inner strength that makes the most impact on a person or a relationship. 

Strength is not a traditional “love” card, and many readers get confused when it shows up in a love reading. Does it literally mean that someone feels strongly about you? There are many other cards that speak to romantic passion, so we have to ask ourselves, what is Strength trying to say in particular? As you’ll see, I interpret Strength as speaking to the dynamics between people. In love readings, Strength asks us to consider the balance of power and care in a relationship. 

Upright Strength as Love Outcome

If you are asking about what is the outcome of a relationship, and you draw Strength, that means that you make this person weak in the knees. The classic Tarot Strength card usually depicts a woman taming a lion using soft power. She hasn’t caged the lion, in fact she is petting and soothing it. Strength is also astrologically associated with the prideful sign of Leo. Maintaining self respect is one way you can “tame” this person. Maybe you’re dealing with a person who can’t stand possessiveness and the freedom you allow them is what’s keeping them loyal to you. It’s your inner qualities, such as your quiet persistence and compassion, that won their heart.

Strength as love outcome is a sign of your person feeling they’ve been greatly supported by you. Perhaps you came in during a difficult period in their life. Your person views you as their rock.They are very grateful to have you in their life. Alternatively, they want to come in and be your hero. Perhaps they see you struggling and they want to help make things easier for you. Just make sure they also genuinely love you, and they’re not just feeding a savior complex. They feel a shift in their energy since they met you. If they used to embody “player” energy, now they’ve been ‘tamed’ by you and want to settle down.

If you are wondering about a potential relationship, Strength as love outcome means a positive change in perspective. If you’re wondering if a potentially challenging relationship will work out for you, this is a great card! Maybe you’re unsure if your differing backgrounds will become a problem in the long run. With the Strength card in the upright, you’re being reassured that it’ll work out. Both of you will have the strength to deal with any adversity. Not only will you survive your differences and the naysayers, you’ll both come out of this stronger. This is one of the “love wins” cards in the Tarot.

If you are in a new relationship, Strength as love outcome means you might change your person. The Strength card is astrologically associated with Leo. This is a life-of-the-party, boisterous energy. One the other hand, the infinity symbol in the Strength card represents longevity and endurance. You could change your person’s ways and help them be more long-term thinking. This is the energy of a player who decides they want a stable, monogamous relationship. Your person could be in the process of maturing. Or, you bring them peace. If your person has had dramatic, tumultuous relationships in the past, they might be pleasantly surprised at how peaceful life can be with you! They might develop a taste for mature relationships, thanks to you.

If you are in an existing relationship, Strength as love outcome means nonstop fun. This is the card you want to draw when asking about long term partnerships. While it does not guarantee commitment of a higher level, it does represent longevity. You have an unshakeable bond that can’t easily be broken. This is mostly because you understand each other deeply. You love with understanding, compassion, and patience – it’s a slow burn that is lasting. This card is ruled by Leo, the sign that rules fun, games, and humor. You just never grow tired of each other, the inside jokes never get old, and it’s always fun. Not only that, your partner thinks you’ve brought out the best in them and made them a better person.

If you are currently in separation with each other, Strength as love outcome means your person still has a deep respect for you. No matter your circumstances or how things ended between the two of you, they respect you. They acknowledge what a positive impact you had on them. In fact, if you’re asking about an ex, they own their role in the break up. They know they played a part and it wasn’t all your fault. If you’re interested in reconciling with them, you will have to make the first move. If you’re separated by distance, they’re trying to stay strong while they’re away from you. However, as a non-action card, they aren’t likely going to take any drastic moves to be closer to you.

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Reversed Strength as Love Outcome

If you are asking about what is the outcome of a relationship, and you draw Strength reversed, that means that there are issues of emotional weakness and insecurity. This person has unhealed issues of their own and unfortunately they might lash out at you. Another possibility is this person may become codependent. This card in the reverse is astrologically associated with the shadow side of the sign of Leo. Their ego could be easily triggered, and their pride could get the best of them. The best way to keep yourself strong and protect yourself is to learn to not take things personally. Learn to distinguish when your person is projecting, and when they are expressing a real concern. Most importantly: know when to walk away from an unhealthy relationship dynamic.

Strength reversed as love outcome is a sign of a toxic relationship. Unfortunately, unlike other “openly hostile” cards, the toxicity here can be more subtle. The Strength card is associated with the darker side of Leo. Ego, pride, selfishness, and narcissism can be an issue here. Learn to identify what gaslighting and negging looks like. Your person is unhealed and needs to do shadow work. They are hurting with insecurities, isolation, and depression. Sadly, instead of healing them, they’re “paying the hurt forward” to those they’re supposed to love.

If you are wondering about a potential relationship, Strength reversed as love outcome means this relationship could be an uphill battle. Healthy relationships start with emotionally and spiritually healthy individuals. The Strength card in reverse can indicate someone who struggles with self image. They could lack personal fortitude, but project anger, possessiveness, and jealousy on you. They could lack self confidence, but make you feel less than in order to feel better about themselves. You can try to help your person heal. But remember: you cannot heal a person who doesn’t want to be healed. Learn to walk away. Life is short and meant to be enjoyed. You deserve better.

If you are in a new relationship, Strength reversed as love outcome means you could have started this relationship on a shaky foundation. This could be a lack of emotional connection between you and your person. Or your person could be emotionally unprepared for a relationship. You need a healthy relationship with yourself to ensure a healthy relationship with others. Unfortunately your person could lack this healthy relationship with themself. They might be insecure, which manifests as clinginess, jealousy, possessiveness. They might be self loathing, which might manifest as anger issues and toxic behavior. They might have a massive ego, which might manifest as objectifying you as a “trophy partner”. The Strength card in reverse does not mean that they don’t love you. However, they may struggle with giving and receiving love in a healthy way.

If you are in an existing relationship, Strength reversed as love outcome means there could be unhealthy patterns in your relationship. This could be anything from codependency to extreme detachment or fear of intimacy. There could also be unbalanced power dynamics. You need to work on your communication. Avoid speaking at each other, and make sure you’re speaking to your partner. Listening, empathy, and making the effort to understand the other’s perspective can go a long way. 

If you are currently in separation with each other, Strength as love outcome means they feel insecure. If you’re wondering about an ex, they feel insecure about the way things ended between the two of you. Their emotional wellbeing has taken a painful hit. They wonder if they’re lacking in something to offer. Give them time and space before suggesting reconciliation. This person will need to be in the right headspace for that to happen. If you are separated by distance, your person is letting their insecurities and paranoia get the best of them. They need to learn to trust you. You can reassure them that you are faithful, but they need to build inner strength themselves too.

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For love readings, Strength reveals the foundational state of a bond. It shines light into how secure a person is feeling. It also shows us what we need to do to bring that energy of strength and security into our lives–by leaning into our inner fortitude, kindness, and empathy. If you allow it, Strength’s energy will make your relationships stronger and more durable. Shine in your own confidence. 

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