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Strength is the card of strength, compassion, influence, persuasion, and determination. A woman is gently stroking a lion—she has completely tamed this wild beast. Strength shows what is possible when resilience and kindness is applied to a situation. Sometimes, it is not brute force, but inner strength that makes the most impact on a person or a relationship. 

Strength is not a traditional “love” card, and many readers get confused when it shows up in a love reading. Does it literally mean that someone feels strongly about you? There are many other cards that speak to romantic passion, so we have to ask ourselves, what is Strength trying to say in particular? As you’ll see, I interpret Strength as speaking to the dynamics between people. In love readings, Strength asks us to consider the balance of power and care in a relationship. 

Upright Strength as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how someone feels about reconciling with you, and you draw Strength then it means that your person is finally realizing how much they want you back. They’ve realized that you’ve “tamed” them. You take up every square inch of their brain and they’re honestly shocked by the effect you have on them. They might’ve been a player but now they’re entirely domesticated. Instead of going out partying, they’d rather stay in with you all weekend. Your qualities of quiet persistence and compassion were what triggered this transformation and it’s very impressive.

The Strength as feelings of reconciliation can mean that your ex feels that they need you with them in order to be happy, especially in their domestic life. They don’t want to be without you. They can perfectly picture a domesticated life with you, and instead of being turned off by this, they think it’s great. They feel deeply cared for and understood by you. They feel like you’ve changed them in the best possible ways. Sadly, they were only able to see this after they left.

When your person thinks about reconciliation with you, and you draw this card, then it’s probably a good sign. They have deep respect for you and still have some feelings for you deep down. However, they also know what you’re like, and they understand that you’ll do just fine with or without them in your life. They trust in your capabilities and know that you are strong. Reconciliation is up in the air. It all depends on whether or not there will be an event to trigger your reconciliation. The Strength card isn’t one of action, so waiting is the best you can do right now.

If you’ve recently split up, their feelings are still fresh enough that they’ll probably take action to win you back. They feel deeply about you and they acknowledge just how much good you’ve brought into their life. However, once again, this isn’t an action card, so if you really want to get back together, the best thing to do is for you to initiate the interaction first.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, then, once again, it’s possible that they’re thinking about reconciliation but will not make the first move. If you’re willing to wait, then, by all means, wait for your partner. This is a great relationship and it can go really far. However, don’t wait too long either because you may just be waiting for something that will never come. The best you can do is wait, or if you’re getting restless, take action yourself! Your partner will definitely react positively.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, then it’s time to sit down and have a conversation with your partner. Let them know about your needs and what they can do to help meet that. They feel strongly about you and are willing to do anything to make this relationship work. This relationship definitely has the potential to last a lifetime. But, if you don’t direct them and tell them what you want, then they won’t even realize that something is wrong and will be content with the state that your relationship is at. 

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Reversed Strength as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how someone feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Strength reversed, it indicates that your person feels scared and insecure of asking you to get back together with them. They know that they’re stuck but feel too weak to actually do anything about it. This fear and insecurity stem from a lack of conviction in their actions and beliefs. They’re afraid of losing everything and their fear has pushed them to lash out with their own projections instead.

The Strength reversed as feelings of reconciliation can mean that your person feels weak without you. You are their foundation, and without you, they are nothing. They need you, but they also do not feel strong enough to chase after you. They have so much self-doubt that they believe that you will never return to them, especially with the way your relationship ended. 

When your person thinks about reconciliation with you, they don’t know how to proceed. It’s definitely possible, but only if they are able to find themselves and their own strength. They took your breakup really badly and constantly beat themselves up about it. They feel extra insecure about the way your relationship ended and it has deeply affected their emotional wellbeing. 

If you’ve recently split up, then it means your partner has realized that they aren’t good enough for you. They feel insecure about your relationship and getting back together now won’t fix that. Before they proceed, they need to work on themselves first. The same thing goes for you, if your partner is coming back to you and you notice that nothing has changed then it’s better to look the other way.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, then it means your partner has realized that your respect for them has stooped ridiculously low, just like their respect for themselves. If anything, you pity them more than you love them at this point. They are unable to find the courage to build a stronger foundation within themselves and have given up on reconciling. They’ve given up on you and themselves. Just know that none of this is your fault. 

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, then it’s important to look back on your relationship and spot any red flags. Strength reversed indicates that there are underlying issues in the power dynamics in your relationship. If they constantly blame you for things or consistently lash out in jealousy and anger, then this is your sign to leave. The problem lies within your partner, and having a conversation can make them realize this, but it’s probably better for them to find their strength on their own. You cannot fix them — you want a partner, not a project.

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For relationships and reconciliation, Strength reveals the foundational state of a bond. It shines light into how secure a person is feeling. It also shows us what we need to do to bring that energy of strength and security into our lives–by leaning into our inner fortitude, kindness, and empathy. If you allow it, Strength’s energy will make your relationships stronger and more durable. Shine in your own confidence. 

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