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The Sun is the card of happiness, success, optimism, confidence, and joy. The card depicts a sun rising above a joyous, happy child. The sun is a symbol of vitality, optimism, happiness, and the joy found in the here and now. Compared to its counterpart the moon, the sun’s light is strong, vibrant, and fully illuminating. 

The Sun reminds us that there is something positive to be found in every situation. Even when your relationship feels like it’s languishing, there is something to appreciate and to love. There is positivity everywhere, even if it is hidden behind a cloud. The Sun reminds us to tune into gratitude and to be positive.  

Upright Sun as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how your ex feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Sun, it means that they feel very positively about reconciliation. They are happy when they’re with you and they feel like there’s still so much room for your relationship to develop and grow. The connection between you two is undeniable and your ex can attest to this. They feel very close to you even while you’re apart, and want to return to you so you can enjoy everything life has to offer together.

The Sun as reconciliation is a very positive sign. It signifies that there are greater things to come for you two. Your ex felt amazing when they were with you and, even now, they are still seeking your company. When they think back on your relationship all they feel is happiness, positivity, and warmth, like the Sun. You’ve also brought them so much comfort that they haven’t felt from anyone else before that they’ve come to realize that you are their twin flame.

When your ex thinks about reconciliation with you and remembers everything you two have been through, they feel optimistic. You were such a positive influence on their lives and this only strengthens their feelings for you even more — you complete them. Reconciliation is definitely on their minds because they still want to be with you and spending time apart has only made them realize just how strongly they feel for you. 

If you’ve recently split up, then your ex will definitely be reaching out soon. They harbor no hard feelings over your breakup and they still see you in such a positive light. Their life was so much better when you were in it compared to now, and they want you back. They love you very, very much and will do their best to win you back. 

If you’ve been in separation for a while, then it just means that reconciliation is very close at hand. Spending so much time apart has only increased their yearning for you. Their life feels incomplete, and you are the missing piece. It took them a little more time to realize this than you would have liked, but now that they do, they will be chasing after you again.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, the Sun symbolizes a straight-up “No.”. The Sun is a strong sign that your relationship is heading in the right direction and will only grow stronger with time. You are the light of your partner’s life, and they wholeheartedly recognize and accept this. They want to be with you and whatever issues you are having at the moment are only temporary. Work through whatever is going on because you won’t find another love like this. Your partner feels very passionately about you and will always choose you, no matter what. You complete each other!

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Reversed Sun as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how your ex feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Sun reversed, it means that your ex isn’t in the right headspace for it at the moment. There are many things going on in their life right now that are negatively affecting their mindset. Because of this, they are having a hard time seeing all the positive things in their life, including you. 

They feel that you’ve both drifted apart, whether it’s because of your busy schedules or just a general lack of time for each other, and this was the ultimate reason behind your breakup. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your ex feels negatively about you. The Sun is a positive card, either upright or reversed. When reversed, though, it usually signifies that it’s just cloudy, and there’s something that is blocking your ex from seeing all the good things around them.

The Sun reversed as reconciliation can mean that reconciliation is unlikely, unless your ex decides to shift their mindset. They’re too focused on the negatives right now and can’t look past that to see all the positives. They aren’t fully appreciating all the things you’ve done together and are taking you and your past relationship for granted. 

When your ex thinks about reconciliation with you, they feel indifferent towards it. The spark between you two has faded, and unless you’re able to take the initiative to relight the spark, then it’s unlikely that they will be reaching out to you. Again, there needs to be a shift in your partner’s mindset if you want them to come back to you. You’ll have to make the first move and try to relight the spark between you two because it’s definitely still there, your ex just can’t see it.

If you’ve recently split up, your ex is still dwelling on the negatives. Everything that happened is still fresh in their mind, and that’s where their focus is right now. There were definitely many positive things in your relationship, but because of all the things obstructing their vision, they can’t see that. Reconciliation is very unlikely unless your ex changes their point of view.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, this means that your ex is still unable to look past the negatives. They are taking you for granted, and it’s time for you to move on instead of waiting for them to finally realize how amazing you are. You deserve someone who appreciates you every day, not someone who can’t see all the good that’s right in front of them.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, take this as a sign to try and spice up the relationship. The Sun reversed also indicates that your partner is bored so it’s up to you to open their eyes and bring back some excitement. It’s very likely that a little quality time together is all this relationship needs to get back on the right track because remember, the Sun is a positive card regardless of orientation. Try dedicating a special day out of every week where you spend time together. Figure out ways to get your partner to reconnect with their inner gratitude and finally open their eyes to what they have. Your relationship can go far, it’s just a little cloudy right now — there will be brighter days ahead!

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For relationships and reconciliation, the Sun is a very positive card. Whether upright or reversed, the Sun shines its light on everything. The lesson in this card is that the truth will always come out, one way or another. Daylight always comes again, and summer will always be just around the corner. The best way to move forward is through communication. Don’t take your partner for granted. Show appreciation every day, and your positivity will shine through.

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