Ten of Cups as Reconciliation Tarot Card Meaning Sibyl Tarot

The Ten of Cups is the card of happiness, homecoming, fulfillment, emotional stability, and domestic harmony. This card shows a loving couple with their arms outstretched, looking out into the rainbow beyond, while their two children laugh and play in the background. This family has everything that they need. They feel loved by each other.  

The Ten of Cups reminds us that there is fulfillment at the end of every cycle. There is a perfect someone out there for you in the Universe. The Universe hears you, and your intentions will be manifested back at you. The World reminds us to be grateful for what we have, while also letting us know that we deserve the best.

Upright Ten of Cups as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how your ex feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Ten of Cups, it means your ex sees reconciliation with you as a happy ending. This is the ultimate “happy family” card. When you draw this card, you can expect your ex to feel romantic, loving, compassionate, and caring. They are thinking long-term. This is the card that indicates wanting to start a family with you. They are hopeful that they can make this relationship last. Drawing this card is almost a guarantee that your relationship will reach a new milestone, a higher level of commitment.

Ten of Cups as reconciliation is a very positive sign that you are their ultimate “forever person.” You are the person they envision ending up with for the rest of their lives and growing old with. They want to offer you a higher level of commitment. They might introduce you to their family and closest friends soon. At the very least, they want you to feel safe with them. An invitation to move in with them is possible, since this is the card of domestic bliss.

When your ex thinks about reconciliation with you, they feel hopeful and excited. They are definitely thinking long-term. The Tens in the Tarot are a number that represent completion. In the context of reconciliation, they want to go full circle, complete the cycle, and make it work. This is also the card of emotional harmony. They want your forgiveness, or they want to forgive you. They are willing to work things out with you. Your ex may recognize a past life connection, soulmate connection, or even a twin flame connection. They know nobody compares to you.

If you’ve recently split up, Ten of Cups means your ex is thinking a lot about what could have been. They fantasize a lot. This person definitely still loves you, and they are full of regret. They wish they could offer you all the love in the world. It would be worth trying to reconcile with this person. However, you could benefit from giving your ex time to process what happened and heal. Only a healed person can contribute to healing a relationship.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, Ten of Cups means your ex still thinks about you quite fondly. They replay past scenarios in their minds. They fantasize about what could have been. If they are available, part of them is still hopeful that you will someday be part of their future. This is a very positive card, if your ex is single. If they are not single, this could indicate happiness with their current partner and the family they’ve built together.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, Ten of Cups means that both of you are still hopeful. They want to take your relationship to the next level, and even start a family together. You feel like home to this person. Drawing this card could indicate interference from external factors. This could be physical distance, third parties, family, social circles, or career. You may find it difficult to overcome these things as they are beyond your control. If you do have to break off your relationship, your person will always love you unconditionally as a friend.

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Reversed Ten of Cups as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how your ex feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Ten of Cups reversed, it means they are longing to be happy with you again. However, there is something holding them back. This could be external factors that they have no control over. There may also be internal factors. This person expects your full cooperation in dealing with these hurdles. They trust you, and they know you love them. But, they need your support. They want to work with you as a team to make reconciliation a reality.

Ten of Cups reversed as reconciliation is a sign of your person coming from a place of sincere love. In practice, there could be some disharmony in your relationship. The Ten of Cups is a card of ultimate love.The deep love is there. However, there are issues in your relationship you have to resolve to make this relationship work. Both of you are thinking long-term. Make sure to take practical steps to make your joint vision a reality.

When your ex thinks about reconciliation with you, they are feeling deep regret. Your person is trying to move on, despite their deep love for you. Their feelings are pure, and they sincerely admire you for who you are. They are very sad and down. However, there are some things about the breakup that they cannot get past. They don’t think it is realistic to expect a reunion to work out. They think your differences are irreconcilable. They believe you deserve love, and they want you to be happy.

If you’ve recently split up, Ten of Cups reversed means your ex is depressed. This relationship meant the world to them. They really expected this relationship to last and reach the highest level of commitment. However, this person also has recognized that discord in your relationship has led to unhappiness for both sides. If you are interested in reconciling, give this person time. In the reverse position, this card could indicate emotional turmoil.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, Ten of Cups reversed means your ex still regrets the fact that you are no longer together. They love you unconditionally. This person considers you somebody very important in their life. You have left a mark in this person’s heart. They don’t see the possibility of a larger commitment with you in the future. They have moved on, but they wish you well. They wish you happiness without them.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, Ten of Cups reversed means both of you recognize that the arguments and disagreements have become too much. You disagree too much to function as a unit. This would make a long-term relationship challenging for both of you. Your partner realizes that you have fundamental differences that cannot be reconciled. Be mindful of possible codependent tendencies. Ensure that your relationship dynamics are healthy and constructive.

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For relationships and reconciliation, the Ten of Cups represents happiness, emotional fulfillment, and domestic harmony. Where everyone else wants to be, you already are. There is wholeness, harmony, and a sense of belonging here. The Ten of Cups reminds us that we can always count on our loved ones when things get rough. They make life worth it.

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