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The Tower is the card of transformative change, revelation, and awakening. The Tower sits on top of a jagged mountain. Lightning strikes, burning the Tower down. Two people leap from the windows, headfirst. This is a scene of chaos and destruction. 

The Tower reminds us that sudden and massive change is a part of life. Change is here to throw our lives into upheaval, and its chaos will shake us to our very core. That being said, it is necessary to our growth, and we cannot fight it. We often cannot see it at the time, but looking back, these are the moments that make us. 

Upright Tower as Love Outcome

If you are asking about what is the outcome of a relationship, and you draw the Tower, that means that fundamental change is about to occur. This relationship itself could be a fundamental change that has occurred in your life. This card often appears in readings when we meet people unexpectedly. You weren’t looking when you met them, maybe you had given up on love. Yet, you can sense a transformation is about to occur. Whatever this transformation is, embrace the change. It was sent to you by the Universe because this is exactly what you need at this very moment.

The Tower as love outcome is a sign of change. This could be a new person coming, or a past person seeing their way out. No matter what happens, embrace this change. “Tower moments” as they’re called usually come into our lives when the Universe believes we deserve better. When the Tower has fallen, the land is cleared for you to build a new Tower of your choosing. You can design and build your new Tower as you please. Hope and free will are important here.

If you are wondering about a potential relationship, the Tower as love outcome means your person views you as someone who changed their life unexpectedly. You’ve changed their perspective on things. They could have become more optimistic and hopeful since they met you. They met you just as they lost hope, when they least expected it. Whether or not this relationship has potential for the long term remains to be seen, or you can refer to other cards surrounding this one. But the relationship is at least built on a positive foundation.

If you are in a new relationship, the Tower as love outcome means you rocked your person’s world. You’ve brought in some excitement into their lives. The Tower is sometimes seen also a phallic symbol, so they could have strong sexual desire toward you. You’re probably the best they’ve ever had when it comes to intimacy. The Tower is astrologically associated with Mars, a fiery planet that rules Scorpio. You could explore things that were too taboo for previous partners. Make sure you balance things out with emotional and intellectual fulfillment as well.

If you are in an existing relationship, the Tower as love outcome means change and rebuilding. The Tower card is astrolgically associated with Mars, the planet of movement. When we’re hit by this energy, we have no choice but to take action and move accordingly. The changes that result in these events are usually permanent and life-changing. Sometimes these events feel unpleasant, even if they are necessary for your growth. For example, this could be the moment where all of your pent-up emotions explode. You may have a huge fight, but in the end it will lead you to be more understanding of each other.

If you are currently in separation with each other, the Tower as love outcome means your separation has changed your person on a fundamental level. If you are inquiring about an ex, your person could feel like you’ve made them question who they are and what they want out of life. They might be open to reconciliation, just perhaps not right now. Let them process the break up and pick up the pieces before giving it another try. They may have sworn they’d never do “the long distance thing”, but when they met you they were willing to endure it. They might even consider relocating for you – which would be a major life change for them. Remember to take it slow, especially if there’s a cultural difference. Let them digest everything at a healthy pace.

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Reversed Tower as Love Outcome

If you are asking about what is the outcome of a relationship, and you draw the Tower reversed, that means that you or your person is resistant to change. The Tower often symbolizes change that is out of our control. “Tower moments” usually come after we’ve been procrastinating. Is there something you need to tell your partner? Are you just not feeling the relationship anymore but can’t bring yourself to break up? Do it now, before things go sour. The Tower in reverse softens the blow of the Tower’s blow up. You can do it with adaptability, flexibility, and grace, but it still needs to happen nonetheless. The Universe just wants you to rip off the bandaid.

The Tower reversed as love outcome is a sign of the buildup before the Tower moment. We usually draw this card when a series of little things go wrong. You know the resentment will just build up. And maybe one day you or your partner are finally going to lose patience. But unless you avoid the little things that need to be addressed, the big “Tower moment” will be unavoidable. What needs to be addressed and discussed or healed in your relationship?

If you are wondering about a potential relationship, the Tower reversed as love outcome means one or both of you are not ready or unwilling to go through a major change right now. Your person could be resistant to change. They could be unwilling to let go of bad habits or negative behavioral patterns. Perhaps previous partners just put up with or even enabled it, but you won’t tolerate it. Deep down, you know this will become an issue down the line. It would probably be best to address it now, once and for all. Communicate what you need from them and decide whether you want to stick around until the Tower forces you out. Or, you can walk away now unscathed to find a relationship where your values are valued.

If you are in a new relationship, the Tower reversed as love outcome means that this relationship will change you. This relationship may have transformed you or your person intensively. Maybe you’ve never felt about another person this way before. You feel and experience changes that are out of your control. Yet there is another side of you, or your subconscious, unwilling to readily accept all the changes. Maybe you need time to adapt, that’s fine. Think about all the adjustments your person has made to accommodate you. Have you returned the favor?

If you are in an existing relationship, the Tower reversed as love outcome means a slow-burning change. Life has a funny way of bringing change into our lives, whether we like it or not. But life does it for our highest good. Maybe you’ve grown and become more elevated spiritually, but your partner is still the same person they were fifteen years ago, with no signs of growth. Is your partner unwilling to be flexible and adapt with the times? Maybe it’s time to have a talk, or walk your separate ways.

If you are currently in separation with each other, the Tower reversed as love outcome means that your person is going through an intense, serious period of upheaval. Change is happening in their inner world. If you’re separated by distance, your person can sense your growing resentment. They’ve just had a realization, and they’re trying to deal with it. If it’s an ex you’re wondering about, they find the break up to be very disruptive and life-changing. It definitely took a toll on them. If you’re thinking about reconciliation, now is not the right time to suggest getting back together. They’re not likely to be receptive. Your ex is feeling extremely overwhelmed right now.

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For love readings, the Tower reveals the power of rapid, transformative change. With every ending comes a new beginning. No matter how much we resist change, it will come–so it is better to embrace it. Although you may go through extremely trying times, know that they will pass and eventually bring something better. 

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