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Temperance is the card of moderation, balance, harmony, and patience. An angel stands, with one foot in the water and the other foot firmly planted on land. The angel pours water between two cups, symbolizing the flow and alchemy of life. 

Temperance reminds us that we must avoid going to extremes. We are often best-served by taking a moderate, patient, and balanced view towards life. Temperance reminds us that caution, prudence, and thoughtfulness have their place. They can often bring more reward in the long-term than a passionate outburst based only on a whim. To maintain harmonious relationships, working together to find compromise is often necessary. 

Upright Temperance as a Woman

If Temperance appears in a Tarot spread as a woman, that means that this person is a harmonizing force, adept at balancing opposing energies and facilitating healing. This individual effortlessly brings harmony to discordant situations and acts as a beacon of calm in chaotic environments. Through her presence and actions, she often encourages others to find balance and peace within themselves.

For physical characteristics, Temperance as a woman represents someone who is serene and well-proportioned; her eyes exude calmness, her voice is melodic, her touch soothing, and she smells like fresh morning dew and lavender. Her eyes have a captivating, tranquil quality, as if she sees the world and its complexities in a state of eternal equilibrium. Her voice is a gentle yet powerful instrument, capable of defusing tension and inspiring tranquility. Her touch, often light and reassuring, feels as if it could mend not just physical but also emotional wounds. Her scent could be compared to a fresh morning in a flower field, a combination of dew and lavender, suggesting a deep connection with nature and its healing elements.

For emotional characteristics, Temperance as a woman represents someone who is emotionally balanced, compassionate, and radiates inner peace. She possesses an emotional intelligence that allows her to navigate complex emotional landscapes, both within herself and in others. Her aura is one of innate calm, and she has a knack for making people around her feel relaxed and understood.

Astrologically, Temperance as a woman represents someone who is likely to have prominent Sagittarius or Jupiter placements, symbolizing wisdom, expansion, and ethical conduct. These placements may manifest as a Jupiter trine Moon, indicating emotional wisdom, or a strong Sagittarius influence in the natal chart, marking her as an eternal student and teacher of life. This astrological background underscores her natural ability to broaden perspectives and guide ethical or moral discussions with ease.

For careers, Temperance can represent a woman who works as a mediator, healer, or counselor. Her job usually involves facilitating communication between opposing parties or guiding others through emotional or physical healing processes. Her unique skill set makes her excellent at problem-solving and guiding conflicting parties toward a balanced, fair resolution.

Temperance as a woman represents someone who makes you feel centered, healed, and in equilibrium. Being in her presence is akin to experiencing a moment of perfect balance, where all worries and concerns seem to dissolve. This sensation often leaves you with a lasting impression of serenity, encouraging you to seek your own paths toward balance and emotional well-being.

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Reversed Temperance as a Woman

If Temperance reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a woman, that means that this person is imbalanced, possibly struggling with moderation and harmony in her life. Her struggle with balance might manifest in various forms, such as taking extreme positions in arguments or showing erratic behavior in personal relationships. Her presence often brings an air of chaos, leaving others around her feeling disoriented and uncertain.

For physical characteristics, Temperance reversed as a woman represents someone who is somewhat disheveled; her eyes seem restless, her voice is uneven, her touch feels anxious, and she may smell slightly off, like sour wine. Her restless eyes often dart around the room, as if constantly searching for something she can’t find. Her voice, which can switch between loud and almost inaudible tones in a single sentence, adds to the unsettling atmosphere she creates. Her touch, often jittery, communicates her internal emotional chaos rather than calm. Her scent might remind you of wine that has turned, a metaphorical representation of harmony gone awry.

For emotional characteristics, Temperance reversed as a woman represents someone who is emotionally volatile, impulsive, and struggling with internal conflicts. Her emotions can be as unpredictable as a roller coaster, marked by sudden ups and downs that can disorient those around her. The struggle to find equilibrium is a constant internal battle for her, and it often spills over into her interactions with others.

Astrologically, Temperance reversed as a woman represents someone who is likely to have challenging aspects to Jupiter, indicating a lack of moderation or wisdom. For instance, she might have Jupiter squaring Mars, indicating impulsive actions without regard for the consequences, or Jupiter in hard aspect to the Moon, suggesting emotional excesses. These astrological aspects highlight her propensity for going to extremes and struggling with moderation.

For careers, Temperance reversed can represent a woman who works as a stressed healthcare worker, a struggling mediator, or a beleaguered counselor. She might be someone who started her career with the best of intentions but has become jaded or overwhelmed by the demands of the job. In her professional role, her lack of balance might manifest as poor time management, strained client relationships, or an inability to effectively mediate conflicts.

Temperance reversed as a woman represents someone who makes you feel unsettled, anxious, and out of balance. The aura she carries is one of discord and imbalance, making it difficult to feel comfortable or relaxed in her presence. The overwhelming impression she leaves is one of a life out of tune, evoking in others a strong desire to find balance and harmony elsewhere.

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For relationships and feelings, Temperance reveals the power of patience, compassion, and understanding. When we try to force relationships and people to go the way we want, it can often implode in our face. Temperance urges us to embrace patience, moderation, compromise, diplomacy, and the middle path. When we lean into these qualities, we build trust. Over time, trust solidifies into a rock-solid foundation for a great relationship. 

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