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Temperance is the card of moderation, balance, harmony, and patience. An angel stands, with one foot in the water and the other foot firmly planted on land. The angel pours water between two cups, symbolizing the flow and alchemy of life. 

Temperance reminds us that we must avoid going to extremes. We are often best-served by taking a moderate, patient, and balanced view towards life. Temperance reminds us that caution, prudence, and thoughtfulness have their place. They can often bring more reward in the long-term than a passionate outburst based only on a whim. To maintain harmonious relationships, working together to find compromise is often necessary. 

Upright Temperance as Intentions

If you are asking about someone’s intentions towards you, and you draw Temperance, that means this person intends on cherishing you. They intend on pursuing a long-term relationship with you because they’ve never felt so in sync with someone before. You’re someone who brings stability into their life and they greatly appreciate that. They intend on keeping things low key, not because their feelings aren’t strong, but because they deeply appreciate you and want to be a stable figure in your life as well. There is great harmony between you two — a perfect match.

Temperance as intentions means that they want to figure things out themselves. They are a very thoughtful person and want to come to decisions at their own pace. They do not appreciate it when people poke and prod at them to make a decision. They want to take things slow as they want to consider all the options to find a suitable middle ground that will work for you both. They intend on being thoughtful and considerate so that your relationship blooms into a healthy one.

For singles and those embarking on new relationships, Temperance is a sign of them intending on pursuing you. Your dynamic is very complimentary, and they feel that communication lines are open with you. They intend on finding a healthy middle ground that you’ll both be appreciative of. This is a great sign that you’ll be having a healthy, long-term relationship together.

For existing relationships, Temperance represents an intention to stay by your side. Your relationship has been good so far. Things are stable and they find that your relationship has been perfectly balanced so far. Your relationship is a happy one and it will stay that way for many years to come. Continue being the thoughtful, patient, and empathetic person that you are and your partner will do the same. 

If you are asking about an ex’s intentions, Temperance shows that they intend on accepting the past. The time they’ve spent away from you was fruitful. They’ve realized many of their mistakes and have been taking steps to heal. If your relationship previously ended due to extremities, then it’s highly possible that your ex will be reaching out to you soon. They were able to find balance during your time apart and are ready to try again. However, they have also accepted the end of your previous relationship. Their decision regarding reconciliation will depend on the context of your breakup and whether or not you’ve been able to heal as well.

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, Temperance means that this person’s intentions are to continue deeply considering taking things to the next level. The thought has crossed their mind, but as mentioned, they do not like being rushed. They are taking their time to come to a decision. Their feelings for you run deep, so simply continue being patient and allow them to take their time. You’ll most likely find their final decision to be a favorable one.

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Reversed Temperance as Intentions

If you are asking about someone’s intentions towards you, and you draw Temperance reversed, that means this person intends to hold on to their excitement. This person is very emotional and unpredictable. Their emotions change based on their whims and they have no intention of changing that. They love going with the flow. Their actions bring a lot of excitement and passion into your relationship, however, the lack of stability is a recipe for disaster in long-term relationships. 

Temperance reversed as intentions means that they want to live life like it’s ‘all or nothing’. Stability is a foreign concept to them. They like change, they like listening to their intense feelings, and will continue to do so. If this is beginning to hurt you, it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself whether this relationship is still making you happy. Come to a decision about how you feel about your partner’s ‘hot and coldness’.

For singles and those embarking on new relationships, Temperance reversed is a sign of them intending on being volatile. Their feelings toward you may change in an instant. They are not going to be changing the way they are. They intend to continue listening to their volatility as they feel that it adds excitement to the relationship. This is the type of person who thrives off of flings. This isn’t a good sign for someone looking for a long-term commitment. 

For existing relationships, Temperance reversed represents an intention to listen to their heart. They react to things based on how they feel and do not take your emotions into account. If you feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells when you’re around them, then maybe it’s time you start thinking about where this relationship could be headed. Fluctuating emotions are normal, but not at the expense of your partner’s happiness and confusion.

If you are asking about an ex’s intentions, Temperance reversed shows that their intentions are unclear. Their volatile emotions are getting the better of them. Some days they yearn for you, while on other days they want nothing to do with you. Their feelings keep going from one extreme to the other. Their thoughts toward reconciling are highly dependent on their feelings at that moment, so their course of action is very unclear. If they do reach out to you, be careful because they’re only acting on a whim and their feelings may abruptly change at any moment.

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, Temperance reversed means that this person’s intentions are very confusing. They want to commit but they also don’t want to. This person is too undecided — their emotions are too volatile. If you’re looking for something long-term, it may be a good idea to speak to your partner about their behavior. Their constant shifting from one extreme to the other isn’t optimal. They will never be able to come to a solid decision without stability.

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For relationships and feelings, Temperance reveals the power of patience, compassion, and understanding. When we try to force relationships and people to go the way we want, it can often implode in our face. Temperance urges us to embrace patience, moderation, compromise, diplomacy, and the middle path. When we lean into these qualities, we build trust. Over time, trust solidifies into a rock-solid foundation for a great relationship. 

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