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Temperance is the card of moderation, balance, harmony, and patience. An angel stands, with one foot in the water and the other foot firmly planted on land. The angel pours water between two cups, symbolizing the flow and alchemy of life. 

Temperance reminds us that we must avoid going to extremes. We are often best-served by taking a moderate, patient, and balanced view towards life. Temperance reminds us that caution, prudence, and thoughtfulness have their place. They can often bring more reward in the long-term than a passionate outburst based only on a whim. To maintain harmonious relationships, working together to find compromise is often necessary. 

Upright Temperance as Present

If you are asking about the present, and you draw Temperance, it means that balance, patience, and moderation are key to navigating your current circumstances. This card suggests a need for calmness and a steady hand, indicating that now is not the time for rash decisions or extremes. It encourages you to find the middle path, to blend various elements of your life into a coherent whole, showing that harmony is achieved through thoughtful consideration and measured action.

Temperance as the present can represent a time of healing, finding equilibrium, and integrating opposites to create harmony in your life. This period is about embracing compromise and understanding the value of a balanced approach in both personal and professional matters. The presence of Temperance highlights the importance of patience and the continuous effort to maintain balance, suggesting that such equilibrium will lead to long-term benefits and sustainable growth.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, Temperance in the present position means that the relationship is finding a balanced state, where differences are harmonized and mutual understanding is achieved. This card indicates that both partners are working towards a common goal of stability and peace, acknowledging and respecting each other’s individuality. It suggests that through mutual effort and a willingness to meet in the middle, the relationship can reach a place of deep connection and contentment.

If you are asking about an ex, Temperance in the present position means that emotional balance is being restored, allowing for a peaceful perspective on the past relationship. This card signifies a healing process that involves coming to terms with the past, learning from the experience, and moving forward with a sense of closure. It’s a reminder that time and reflection can bring about a sense of peace and acceptance, enabling you to view the relationship and its ending as a part of your growth.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, Temperance in the present position means that your relationship benefits from patience and understanding, fostering a calm and supportive connection. This card encourages you to continue nurturing this bond through empathy and open communication, recognizing that a balanced approach to disagreements and differences can strengthen the relationship. It highlights the value of compromise and mutual respect in maintaining a harmonious and supportive dynamic.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, Temperance in the present position means that a steady approach and well-considered decisions are leading to stability and gradual progress. This card advises against taking unnecessary risks or making hasty decisions, instead suggesting that careful planning and moderation will yield the best results. It’s a reminder that balance in your professional life and financial dealings is crucial for achieving long-term success and satisfaction, encouraging a thoughtful and measured path forward.

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Reversed Temperance as Present

If you are asking about the present, and you draw Temperance reversed, it means that there is an imbalance, excess, or lack of moderation affecting your situation, leading to disharmony or conflict. This card suggests that now is the time to examine the areas of your life where extremes have taken hold, whether in your emotions, behaviors, or decisions. It’s a call to action to seek balance and to consider more measured, thoughtful approaches to addressing the issues at hand, emphasizing the importance of finding a middle ground to restore peace and stability.

Temperance reversed as the present can represent extremes, overindulgence, or a need to reevaluate where you are exerting too much or too little effort. This card indicates that your current challenges may stem from a lack of equilibrium, urging you to identify and adjust the aspects of your life that are out of sync. By acknowledging these imbalances and striving for a more harmonious approach, you can navigate your way back to a state of well-being and alignment.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, Temperance reversed in the present position means that imbalances or excesses in the relationship dynamics are causing strain, requiring adjustment to restore harmony. This card points to the necessity for both partners to communicate openly about their needs and expectations, working together to find a balanced, equitable solution to the challenges they face. It suggests that by addressing these disparities and committing to mutual respect and understanding, the relationship can achieve a more stable, fulfilling state.

If you are asking about an ex, Temperance reversed in the present position means that unresolved emotional extremes might be preventing healing or closure. This card signifies the importance of confronting and processing these intense emotions, allowing yourself to find equilibrium and move forward. By seeking balance within yourself, you can release the hold that past relationships have on your emotional well-being, opening the path to personal growth and future happiness.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, Temperance reversed in the present position means that a lack of compromise or understanding is disrupting the peace and balance of the relationship. This card encourages you to approach the situation with empathy and an open mind, striving to see the other person’s perspective and to find common ground. Through patience and a willingness to listen, you can overcome these obstacles, strengthening the bond and restoring harmony to the relationship.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, Temperance reversed in the present position means that a lack of balance in work-life dynamics or financial management is leading to stress or instability. This card advises taking a step back to assess your priorities and to implement strategies that promote a more sustainable, balanced approach to your professional and financial life. By addressing these imbalances, you can create a foundation for long-term success and personal fulfillment, avoiding the pitfalls of overextension and burnout.

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For relationships and feelings, Temperance reveals the power of patience, compassion, and understanding. When we try to force relationships and people to go the way we want, it can often implode in our face. Temperance urges us to embrace patience, moderation, compromise, diplomacy, and the middle path. When we lean into these qualities, we build trust. Over time, trust solidifies into a rock-solid foundation for a great relationship. 

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