Temperance as Yes or No Tarot Card Meaning Sibyl Tarot

Temperance is the card of moderation, balance, harmony, and patience. An angel stands, with one foot in the water and the other foot firmly planted on land. The angel pours water between two cups, symbolizing the flow and alchemy of life. 

Temperance reminds us that we must avoid going to extremes. We are often best-served by taking a moderate, patient, and balanced view towards life. Temperance reminds us that caution, prudence, and thoughtfulness have their place. They can often bring more reward in the long-term than a passionate outburst based only on a whim. To maintain harmonious relationships, working together to find compromise is often necessary. 

Upright Temperance as Yes or No

If you are asking a yes or no question, and you draw Temperance, it indicates a yes. This card symbolizes balance, harmony, and patience. All amazing values to possess especially if you’re unsure about something. You understand that you mustn’t go to extremes to get what you want, and in the end, your patience is going to be the driving force behind the good things in your life. 

For love questions where you want a yes or no answer, Temperance indicates yes. You don’t act on whims and are patient enough to step back during intense situations to fully analyze the scenario before making a decision. Your level headedness is what will help you have a successful romantic life. You’re also able to easily sync up with other people and give them stability. 

For career questions where you are looking for a yes or no, Temperance indicates a resounding yes! Your coworkers and boss greatly appreciate your patience and perseverance. You’ve been able to bring unique things to the table and this is going to greatly impact your career in a positive light. You are a harmonious person that brings tranquility to a stressful work environment. 

For new and potential relationships, Temperance is a yes. You aren’t being pushy, and your potential partner greatly appreciates this. Continue being patient and you’ll begin getting the answers and results that you want from your partner. You are level-headed enough to allow compromises for your differences, making this the start of an extremely healthy and supportive relationship. Communication lines are freely flowing between you two, just like the water that the angel on the card is standing upon. 

For existing relationships, Temperance is a yes. Your partner is content and happy with the way things are going. You’re able to curb most arguments by quickly coming to a compromise while also validating each other’s emotions. They feel secure in your relationship and are deeply appreciative of your empathy, patience, and compassion. Continue down this path and watch as your relationship stands strong against the tests of time. 

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, Temperance is a no. Your ex has accepted the end of your relationship. They have found balance during their time alone and are happy to just coexist with you, even if it isn’t as lovers. It’s not that they’ve lost feelings for you, it’s quite the opposite actually, they were able to tame their extreme feelings for you and are now content with the state of tranquility that they’re in.

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Reversed Temperance as Yes or No

If you are asking a yes or no question, and you draw Temperance reversed, it indicates a no. You are very hot and cold — unable to control yourself as you bounce from one extreme to the other. You are confusing not just for yourself, but also for other people. Your feelings are quick to change and because of that, it isn’t advisable for you to make any big decisions at the moment. 

For love questions where you want a yes or no answer, Temperance reversed indicates no. You wake up one day believing you’re in love with one person, but you’ll wake up the next day feeling completely indifferent toward them. This isn’t the right time for you to search for romance as you’re operating on mere whims. You could potentially hurt someone’s feelings if you try to pursue someone at this point in time. 

For career questions where you are looking for a yes or no, Temperance reversed indicates no. You bring passion and creativity to the table, but you’re also like a switch that turns on and off under the slightest pressure. This isn’t something that can help your career. While it doesn’t exactly damage it, this kind of indecisiveness isn’t what will help you find the success you’ve been working toward.

For new and potential relationships, Temperance reversed is a no. You aren’t able to decide if this relationship is what you want. Your partner can sense this, and it’s causing quite a rift between you two. Sometimes you’re passionate and wildly in love, but other times you’re extremely cold. Remember that this is also a person with valid feelings and this sort of volatility is only fun in the beginning. A strong relationship cannot be built upon this foundation. 

For existing relationships, Temperance reversed as is a no. Your relationship’s dynamic is very unhealthy as it is extremely volatile. Either partner is unsure of how to react and it could constantly feel like you’re walking on eggshells as the smallest thing could set the other off. Fluctuating emotions are definitely normal, but not to this extent. If you feel that this relationship is more draining than it is enjoyable, then it’s time to change things. 

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, Temperance reversed is a no. They aren’t quite sure about what they feel for you as their thoughts change every day. They miss you, but they also want nothing to do with you. Reconciliation will only be possible if they are able to look within themselves and allow themselves the time to come to a sound decision. However, take caution as their feelings are extremely easy to sway. 

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For relationships and feelings, Temperance reveals the power of patience, compassion, and understanding. When we try to force relationships and people to go the way we want, it can often implode in our face. Temperance urges us to embrace patience, moderation, compromise, diplomacy, and the middle path. When we lean into these qualities, we build trust. Over time, trust solidifies into a rock-solid foundation for a great relationship. 

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