Three of Wands as What Someone Wants Tarot Card Meaning Sibyl Tarot

The Three of Wands is the card of confidence, momentum, growth, and future prospects. The card depicts a man standing on the edge of a cliff, looking over the ocean and the mountains. So much is ahead of him, and he knows it. He is looking forward to the future. He is committed, and he is confident that his commitment is good and will bring abundance into his life.

The Three of Wands reminds us that true commitment is possible. Your twin flame is out there. The person who you are meant to be with will commit to you, no questions asked. They will see the value in doing so, and they won’t hesitate. Remember what you deserve in love because you deserve nothing but the best. 

Upright Three of Wands as What Someone Wants

When asking about what someone wants, and the Three of Wands is drawn, it indicates that they might be on the lookout for opportunities that will enable expansion in their lives. This card represents the energy of seeking growth, looking forward to the future with optimism, and preparing for the journey ahead. They might be ready to step outside their comfort zone, explore new horizons, or take on tasks that will broaden their perspectives and experiences.

In the context of the Three of Wands as what someone wants, it symbolizes a deep-seated desire for growth, anticipation for the future, and readiness for a new phase in life. This could mean they are on the verge of a personal transformation, eagerly waiting for the fruits of their efforts to manifest, or they are prepared to navigate through the next stage of their journey. It reflects an individual who is driven, focused, and has the foresight to shape their future.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, the Three of Wands as what someone wants signifies a longing for a more serious commitment, looking forward to shared future plans, and readiness for a new phase in the relationship. They might be contemplating taking the relationship to the next level, whether that be moving in together, an engagement, or something equally significant. The anticipation of shared future plans suggests a desire for deepening the bond, while the readiness for a new phase signifies emotional preparedness for the joys and challenges that lie ahead.

When asking about an ex, the Three of Wands as what someone wants implies a quest for personal growth post-breakup, anticipation of a future without their ex, or readiness for new opportunities in their personal life. They might be working on personal development, learning from past experiences, and looking to the future with optimism. The anticipation of a future without their ex suggests acceptance of the past, and the readiness for new opportunities shows resilience and an openness to new experiences.

In the context of a friend or family member, the Three of Wands as what someone wants indicates a wish for shared growth, looking forward to future shared experiences, and preparing for a new phase in the relationship. They may be seeking joint adventures or projects, eagerly awaiting shared milestones or celebrations, and being ready to navigate through the changes that relationships inevitably bring.

Lastly, if you are asking about career and financial matters, the Three of Wands as what someone wants suggests a quest for professional growth, anticipation of future success, and readiness for new business opportunities. They might be considering further studies, looking for a promotion or a new job, or they may be ready to venture into a new business. Their anticipation of future success shows confidence in their skills and abilities, and their readiness for new business opportunities signifies entrepreneurial spirit and ambition.

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Reversed Three of Wands as What Someone Wants

When inquiring about what someone wants and the Three of Wands reversed is drawn, it suggests they might be grappling with feelings of restriction, delays in their plans, or struggling to foresee and plan for the future effectively. They might be facing constraints that hinder their growth and advancement or feel stuck due to unforeseen circumstances or setbacks. The lack of foresight could indicate a difficulty in long-term planning or making decisions that affect their future.

The reversed Three of Wands, when it represents what someone wants, signifies a desire to overcome these limitations and broaden their horizons. There’s an underlying need to address the causes of delays in their plans and a wish to acquire better foresight or planning skills. They could be longing for personal growth and the freedom to pursue their passions, seeking solutions to accelerate their stalled plans, or developing strategies to anticipate and manage future scenarios better.

When talking about a romantic relationship, the reversed Three of Wands as what someone wants denotes a desire to break free from constraints in their relationship, tackle delays in commitment, or enhance their ability to plan for a shared future. They might be feeling trapped or limited in their relationship, longing for progress that seems delayed, or struggling with defining and working towards common relationship goals. A willingness to improve these aspects indicates their commitment to creating a fulfilling and harmonious relationship.

Discussing an ex, the reversed Three of Wands as what someone wants implies a need to overcome limitations that hinder their recovery process, address any delays in moving on, or develop better future planning. They might be feeling held back by unresolved feelings, experiencing difficulty in finding closure, or lacking a clear plan for their life post-relationship. Their desire to address these issues shows a readiness to heal and move forward.

When asking about a friend or family member, drawing the reversed Three of Wands suggests they might want to address limitations in the relationship, tackle delays in shared ventures, or improve their foresight and planning skills. They might feel constrained by certain dynamics in the relationship, experience disappointments due to postponed plans, or face challenges in envisioning a better future for the relationship. Their willingness to address these issues underlines their commitment to enhancing their relationships.

Lastly, regarding career and financial matters, the reversed Three of Wands as what someone wants points to a desire to overcome professional limitations, tackle delays in career progress, or develop better business foresight and planning abilities. They might feel confined in their current role, frustrated with slow career progress, or struggle with mapping out their professional future. Their longing to overcome these challenges highlights their ambition and dedication to professional growth.

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For relationships and feelings, the Three of Wands represents growth potential, commitment, and the future. You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who is fully committed to you. There is no card more enthusiastic about this than the Three of Wands. Plan to expand and it will be yours. 

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