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The Tower is the card of transformative change, revelation, and awakening. The Tower sits on top of a jagged mountain. Lightning strikes, burning the Tower down. Two people leap from the windows, headfirst. This is a scene of chaos and destruction. 

The Tower reminds us that sudden and massive change is a part of life. Change is here to throw our lives into upheaval, and its chaos will shake us to our very core. That being said, it is necessary to our growth, and we cannot fight it. We often cannot see it at the time, but looking back, these are the moments that make us. 

Upright Tower as Intentions

If you are asking about someone’s intentions towards you, and you draw the Tower, that means this person intends on transforming themselves. After you entered their life, you triggered a huge transformation. Their outlook is completely different now, and they’re embracing this change. You’ve given them a new perspective and they couldn’t be more thankful. Your presence has made them realize something, whether that’s positive or negative, it’s unclear. But in any case, they are going to continue living with this new outlook.

The Tower as intentions means that they want to trigger even more change in your relationship. There have been things that were left unsaid, but now, your partner is ready to say those things out loud. Your relationship will never be the same from this point on. While this can be both a negative and positive thing, the bottom line is that you must embrace this change as it is imperative to your growth as a person.

For singles and those embarking on new relationships, the Tower is a sign of them intending to learn more from you. So far, you’ve made them realize a lot of things that completely turned their world upside down. They weren’t expecting to meet you, but they are thankful that they did. You’ve taught them many things and have changed their views of the world, and this makes them feel more attracted to you. Their desire for you is undeniable. 

For existing relationships, the Tower represents an intention to release something explosive. They’re going to bring something new to your relationship. A permanent change is coming, though it’s unclear whether it’s good or bad. Take a step back and look at your relationship. There’s a high chance that you already have an idea of what’s to come. Listen to your gut.

If you are asking about an ex’s intentions, the Tower shows that they intend on figuring things out for now. Your breakup caused a lot of things to shift, and they want to settle things before deciding to pursue you again. They aren’t sure about what they want in life or where they’re going next. It’s possible that they want to get back together, however, that thought isn’t their priority right now. They want to take this time to focus on themselves.

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, the Tower means that this person’s intentions are to bring about great change. If your relationship was built on a strong foundation, then this is a great sign that your partner is ready to take things further. If your relationship has been rocky, then trying to push for further commitment may cause something negative to happen. Your partner intends to be honest with you. While the truth may hurt, it may also set you free.

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Reversed Tower as Intentions

If you are asking about someone’s intentions towards you, and you draw the Tower reversed, that means this person intends to stay where they are. They don’t want to adapt or welcome new things into their life. Change is scary and they are doing their best to avoid it. As much as they try though, change will always come. A big change is coming, but this person will do everything they can to stop it. Don’t stress yourself by wondering how they’ll react. Even if you reassure them, their reaction to change will stay the same. 

The Tower reversed as intentions mean that they are harboring hostile feelings. They want to hold a grudge. Over time, there may have been small miscommunications or arguments that you thought had been resolved, but in reality, they weren’t. Letting things slide isn’t the same as resolving an issue. Your partner has been holding on to those negative emotions and even if they say it’s okay, it isn’t. Take this as a warning. It’s time to speak to your partner before they erupt.

For singles and those embarking on new relationships, the Tower reversed is a sign of them intending to reject you. Your relationship is going well, and you can bring lots of positive changes into their life, but they are unreceptive to this. They don’t want the change that you’ll bring, even if it’s positive. They are unwilling to pursue a deeper relationship with you at this moment.

For existing relationships, the Tower reversed represents an intention to keep things to themselves. Your partner hasn’t been completely honest with you. Not in the sense of having a third party, but that they aren’t being honest about their feelings and opinions. Small disagreements, differences in opinion, and fights can snowball into a larger problem if they aren’t dealt with. They don’t want to open up, but it’s important that they do. Address your problems head-on — it’s time to be brutally honest with each other.

If you are asking about an ex’s intentions, the Tower reversed shows that they intend to figure things out first. They are unhappy about the disruptive change that your breakup brought. It really took a toll on them, and they feel like the rug was suddenly pulled under their feet. They want to reverse things, but they cannot. Right now, they just want to find their bearings and get back on their feet.

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, the Tower reversed means that this person’s intentions are to come to a standstill. You might have been excessively dropping hints about wanting to take this relationship further, and your partner has been picking up on that but they do not want to act on it. They don’t want anything to change in your relationship, so they’d rather not give an answer. They are just hoping that you’ll drop the topic soon. If you want to continue down this path, it’s important that your partner learns to embrace change.

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For relationships and feelings, the Tower reveals the power of rapid, transformative change. With every ending comes a new beginning. No matter how much we resist change, it will come–so it is better to embrace it. Although you may go through extremely trying times, know that they will pass and eventually bring something better. 

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