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The Tower is the card of transformative change, revelation, and awakening. The Tower sits on top of a jagged mountain. Lightning strikes, burning the Tower down. Two people leap from the windows, headfirst. This is a scene of chaos and destruction. 

The Tower reminds us that sudden and massive change is a part of life. Change is here to throw our lives into upheaval, and its chaos will shake us to our very core. That being said, it is necessary to our growth, and we cannot fight it. We often cannot see it at the time, but looking back, these are the moments that make us. 

Upright Tower as Love Advice

If you are asking about love advice, and you draw the Tower, that means that you are advised to brace yourself because there will be a major shakedown in your life. Life as you know it will cease to exist, and you may not even recognize yourself when it’s over. Your way of thinking will be put to the test. Are your relationships built on a solid foundation? If not, it may not survive the upheaval. 

For love, the Tower as advice means that you should examine what isn’t working in your life, cut it out, and then start all over again. You may find yourself resisting having to make these changes, but you have no choice. The process can be very painful, and you will be tempted to find an easy way out. When the dust settles, however, you will have found a fresh start. Accept this purification process. 

For singles, the Tower as love advice means drastic changes may be required in order for you  to find love. It could be quitting a job or relocating from one country to another. It could mean ditching comfortable but dowdy fashion for something that would be more flattering to your figure. It could be setting boundaries with toxic friends or family. These changes may be shocking to other people. 

For new and potential relationships, the Tower as love advice means you may have to nip an undesirable situation in the bud. You may meet someone who will have a huge impact on you, for better or for worse. If there are any indications that this relationship will bring you more drama than peace, then just back off. A relationship isn’t worth it if it threatens your self-worth. Enjoy dating and meeting people, but if something doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to turn your back on it. 

For existing relationships, the Tower as advice means that they see you as someone who has a strong personality. You may be quite unpredictable and prone to explosive outbursts. You do not mind shaking up the status quo. It’s possible that they are nearing their breaking point with you. Get off your high horse and make sure to consider other people’s viewpoints. . 

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the Tower as love advice shows that reconciliation may not be in the cards at this time. Dark clouds have dissipated, and there is a new-found confidence and willingness to open the heart to someone new. You are advised to come to terms with the breakup and move on. The relationship may have drained you both, and there’s no point going back to something that wasn’t good for you in the first place. It may be painful for you to close this chapter, but it would be better for you to find a fresh start with someone else. 

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Reversed Tower as Love Advice

If you are asking about love advice, and you draw the Tower reversed, that means that you are advised to examine your beliefs, expectations, and habits concerning relationships under a magnifying glass. What needs to change, and how do you go about making such changes? Unlike the upright Tower card, wherein change is forced by external circumstances, the reversed Tower card compels you to make changes because that’s what your inner voice tells you to do. You may resist or delay it, but you know that this change is necessary so you can evolve. 

For love, the Tower reversed as advice means that you should follow your intuition when making decisions concerning love and relationships. Perhaps you’re in denial about some things in this area of your life. You could be reluctant to speak your mind because you are afraid it will stir up trouble. Don’t be afraid to initiate endings when necessary. Delaying the inevitable will only aggravate emotional wounds. 

For singles, the Tower reversed as love advice means you could be bottling up your feelings. Now is the time to release them. You could be running away from love because you’re afraid to get hurt. You may have trust issues, particularly if someone in the past has betrayed you. It’s important to transmute negative emotions into positive ones. 

For new and potential relationships, the Tower reversed as love advice means you could be in denial about this relationship. You know that it’s not going anywhere, so you might as well end it. Yet, you avoid making this decision because you don’t want to deal with the pain it would bring. The Tower reversed card is asking you to face the facts and let go. All this dillydallying is preventing you from moving on to something better. 

For existing relationships, the Tower reversed as advice means that they see you as emotionally passive. Simply ignoring things will not make them go away. Stagnation is the enemy of growth. You are missing out on a lot of things because you’re afraid to move forward. You need to let go of relationships that no longer serve you. 

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the Tower reversed as love advice shows that getting back together with this person is the last thing you need right now. That relationship is already well past its expiration date. The universe is doing you a favor by keeping the two of you apart. Stop trying to rebuild what is irretrievably broken.

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For relationships and feelings, the Tower reveals the power of rapid, transformative change. With every ending comes a new beginning. No matter how much we resist change, it will come–so it is better to embrace it. Although you may go through extremely trying times, know that they will pass and eventually bring something better. 

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