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The World is the card of completion, achievement, fulfillment, belonging, and perfect harmony. The card depicts a woman dancing, surrounded by a wreath. The wreath symbolizes success and infinity. The four figures around her represent the four elements: fire, water, air, earth. Together, they symbolize the perfect harmony of their respective energies.  

The World reminds us that there is fulfillment at the end of every cycle. There is a perfect someone out there for you in the Universe. The Universe hears you, and your intentions will be manifested back at you. The World reminds us to be grateful for what we have, while also letting us know that we deserve the best. 

Upright World as Past

If you are asking about the past, and you draw the World, it means that a cycle has come full circle, reaching fulfillment and wholeness in some aspect of your life. This suggests a period where you felt a deep sense of accomplishment, with the tasks or emotional journeys you embarked upon reaching a satisfactory completion. It was a time where the seeds you had planted blossomed into full growth, bringing with them a rich harvest of experiences that were both enriching and gratifying.

The World as the past can represent successful conclusions, a time of accomplishment where you felt whole, and all elements in your life were in harmony. It paints a picture of a moment in time where everything just fell into the right place, and you could bask in the joy of your successes. It was a time of closure on a grand scale, where you reaped the rewards of your hard work and enjoyed the beautiful, harmonious music that all the elements of your life were creating together.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, the World in the past position means that the relationship reached a stage of completion, where mutual goals were achieved and both partners felt a sense of fulfillment and understanding. This could have been a phase where the bond was especially strong, characterized by shared dreams realized and a harmonious blending of paths. It was a time of rejoicing in the joy of love, where the relationship blossomed to its fullest potential, fostering a nurturing and deeply satisfying connection.

If you are asking about an ex, the World in the past position means that your relationship with them had reached its natural conclusion, marking the end of a significant chapter in both of your lives. This point in time signified a moment of release, where both parties acknowledged the journey undertaken together and embraced the completion of that shared chapter. Despite the bittersweet nature of endings, this time bore witness to mature understanding and the wisdom gained through shared experiences, guiding both towards separate paths with enriched perspectives.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, the World in the past position means a harmonious and fulfilling phase in your relationship, where understanding and mutual respect were prominent features. This golden period was marked with deep connections, the sharing of joyous moments, and a seamless understanding that forged stronger bonds. It was a time when the relationship thrived on mutual respect and appreciation, creating a nurturing environment where both parties flourished.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, the World in the past position means you had achieved a significant milestone or goal, reaching a level of fulfillment and success in your career or financial endeavors. This time stands as a testimony to your hard work and determination, showcasing a period where you were on top of your game, fulfilling your objectives with mastery and finesse. It was a chapter marked with accolades and achievements, where you tasted the sweet reward of your endeavors, setting a benchmark of success for yourself in your career path.

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Reversed World as Past

If you are asking about the past, and you draw the World reversed, it means that there were delays or barriers in reaching fulfillment or a feeling of being stuck in an uncompleted cycle. This card reflects a time where, despite your efforts, you found yourself grappling with impediments that halted your progress, leaving you in a loop of unfinished business. It was a phase characterized by frustration and a yearning for closure, where the joy of completion seemed just out of reach, constantly urging you to strive harder to find that elusive sense of fulfillment.

The World reversed as the past can represent unrealized potential, missed opportunities, or feeling unsatisfied despite reaching what seemed like the end of a journey. This card indicates a moment where, even though you traversed a significant part of your journey, the expected gratification and sense of achievement were not fully attained. It was a period marked with a lingering sentiment of “what could have been,” possibly leading to self-reflection on the paths not taken and dreams not realized to their fullest extent.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, the World reversed in the past position means there was a lack of closure or unresolved issues, leaving a sense of incompleteness in the relationship. It indicates a time where both individuals might have struggled with unspoken words and unfinished business, creating a lingering feeling of dissatisfaction. It was a period where the bond might have frayed, unable to reach a fulfilling conclusion, hence leaving a void filled with questions and a craving for resolution and clarity.

If you are asking about an ex, the World reversed in the past position means that the relationship might have ended with loose ends, with matters left unsettled and a lack of proper closure. This suggests a breakup that was perhaps abrupt, leaving important words unsaid and feelings unexpressed, fostering a breeding ground for lingering questions and what-ifs. It was a time characterized by confusion and a desire for clarity, yearning for answers to bring peace to the chaos left in the wake of the relationship’s end.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, the World reversed in the past position means there might have been unresolved issues or a phase where the relationship didn’t reach a fulfilling or satisfactory conclusion. It indicates a time where misunderstandings could have been prevalent, potentially leading to a distance that was hard to bridge. It was a period filled with missed opportunities for connection, perhaps marked with regret for not being able to fully resolve disputes and reach a harmonious understanding.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, the World reversed in the past position means facing obstacles in reaching your goals, perhaps dealing with delays or feeling like you didn’t fully accomplish your set objectives. It mirrors a stage in your career where, despite your hard work, the results were not as fruitful as anticipated, leaving a sense of incompleteness and unfulfilled ambitions. It was a phase where you might have felt stalled, continuously chasing after a goal post that seemed to be constantly moving further away, fostering a sense of frustration and a longing for achievement and recognition.

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For relationships and feelings, the World represents completion and achievement. Where everyone else wants to be, you already are. There is wholeness, harmony, and a sense of belonging here. The World reminds us that there will always be a peak in the current cycle. Enjoy it, you’ve earned it. All of the efforts that you’ve put in are starting to pay off. You’ve hit a major milestone.

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